How To Get Thin

Some useful tips on ‘How to get Thin the lazy way’

Are you keen on shedding all that extra weight and wish to know how to get thin the lazy way? Of course, I am sure all of us would jump at the very thought of getting thin without lifting a finger!

Both men and women these days have become highly conscious of how they look and are searching high and low for easy means to have a lean and a fit body. And not necessarily the younger ones, even the older people are eager to shed all of those extra pounds to sport a sculpted body and look fit and healthy and much younger than their actual age.

Losing weight the conventional way

Every one of us is aware that for losing weight one has to follow a strict diet plan along with an exercise routine and work towards our goal painstakingly with dedication. But how many of us are doing it? Sadly not many, though we start off in all enthusiasm, it is only short lived and soon we slip back to our old eating patterns and lazy habits.

Now how to combat this problem?

This is where the concept of “how to get thin the lazy way” comes into play. Yes, you can become thin the lazy way!

Here are some tips on how to get thin the lazy way:

You will have to change your eating habits and the way you eat; cut down on fatty foods and add fiber-rich food to your diet. There are a number of dishes that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty too! That does not mean you will have to give up completely on your favorite foods, just remember to have it in moderation.

Do not eat till you are full, stop when you feel satisfied; try the technique of putting down the fork between each bite, this helps you to stop before your tummy is totally full.

The best way to cut down on the portion size is to order small; this surely helps you to stay small in size!

Begin your meal with a soup or a salad which is low in calories; this fills you partly and leaves lesser room for the other foods.

Ignore the breadbasket; all you get is calories out of it.

Don’t go hungry the whole day; this makes you binge at the dinner table; eat small portions through the day.

And if you are going out for a party, ensure you have a small snack of fruit or nuts before leaving; this stops you from binging on the rich and heavy food served there.

Once in a way, it helps to turn a vegetarian and stay away from the regular meats; a break from animal protein is good for your system.

Drink lots of water and other fluids; this will help you to get rid of the excess sodium from your system. Most times, we mistake thirst for hunger, so when you feel hungry try drinking a glass of water first.

All of the above tips on ‘how to get thin the lazy way’ are, I am sure you will agree, quite easy to follow and are bound to show results; try them sincerely and you will see the results for yourself!


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